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Anne Of The Island

  • In the third book in L. M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series, Anne of the Island , our protagonist leaves her teaching work in Avonlea in order to study for her B.A. at Redmond College. Living in a boardinghouse and later with old friends from Queens, she experiences a number of misadventures, including a couple marriage proposals.

    Publisher : The Floating Press
    published : 1915
  • This is second sequel to Anne of Green Gables. Anne Shirley leaves the small town of Avonlea to attend Redmond collage where she makes new friends and finds many new romances. It's a wonderful story that you can't help but love it.

    Publisher : NuVision Publications, LLC
    published : 2004
  • Anne of the Island is the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series In this volume, Anne attends Redmond college in Nova Scotia. In this book, the growing relationship between Anne and Gilbert is almost thwarted but despite herself, Anne finds true love. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked...

    Publisher : Xist Publishing
    published : 2015
  • New adventures lie ahead as Anne Shirley packs her bags, waves good-bye to childhood, and heads for Redmond College. With old friend Prissy Grant waiting in the bustling city of Kingsport and frivolous new pal Philippa Gordon at her side, Anne tucks her memories of rural Avonlea away and discovers life on her own terms, filled with surprises...including...

    Publisher : Random House Children's Books
    published : 2011
  • The third heartwarming book about red-haired Anne Shirley. As her childhood friends get married and move away, Anne too leaves Prince Edward Island for college in Kingsport. Although Priscilla Grant and Gilbert Blythe are there, too, she feels lonely and out of place. But Anne soon makes new friends, one of whom is rich, handsome Roy Gardner, whose...

    Publisher : Penguin Books Ltd
    published : 2009
  • One of the most loved characters of all time Leaving home for college is never easy. Yet being on her own and making new friends is more exciting than Anne Shirley every dreamed possible. Not only does she sell her first story, but she also gets a marriage proposal--from the last person she expects. There's never a dull moment when...

    Publisher : Sourcebooks
    published : 2014
  • Anne of the Island is a book by L. M. Montgomery about Anne Shirley.This is the continuing story of Anne Shirley and the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series. Anne attends Redmond College in Kingsport, where she is studying for her BA. The book is dedicated to "all the girls all over the world who have "wanted more" about ANNE."...

    Publisher :
    published : 2010
  • Anne Shirley is off to college in this artfully packaged edition of the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series. Anne is finally off to Redmond College! While she?s sad to be leaving Marilla and the twins, she?s excited to finally become a full-fledged BA, and to embark on new adventures with the other Avonlea folks attending Redmond?a group...

    Publisher : Aladdin
    published : 2014
  • The impulsive, irrepressible heroine of Anne of Green Gables returns in this third book of the popular series. After two years as the local schoolmarm, Anne's ready for college. Although it's hard to venture away from Prince Edward Island, an exciting world awaitsin Nova Scotia, promising the thrills of study and scholarship, adventures with friends...

    Publisher : Dover Publications
    published : 2017
  • The third book in the Anne Shirley series. Anne leaves childhood behind as she moves from Green Gables to attend Richmond College. Her new life brings both adventures and tragedy, as well as new friends, including the handsome Roy Gardner. But her childhood friend Gilbert Blythe is also in Redmond, and his feelings for Anne turn from friendship to...

    Publisher : Little, Brown Book Group
    published : 2017
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