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Cutest Backpacks

  • Book two of the Girls Most Likely To Ten years ago, Marc and Bree were voted Cutest Coupleuntil a graduation-night argument destroyed their relationship. Unable to contact him, Bree had no choice but to forget Marcand raise the son she never got to tell him about. Marc got Bree's message loud and clear when he never heard from her again. Now stationed...

    Publisher : Carina Press
    published : 2013
  • You don?t think much about your backpack.† It?s just kind of dirty and crammed with stuff.¬† But wait?did you know the backpack has a history?¬† That it could be a superhero?s secret weapon?¬† Or an exploding science experiment?¬† Or even a living creature of immense proportions? Kevin O?Malley has created four surprising comic-book-style stories to...

    Publisher : Albert Whitman & Company
    published : 2013
  • Over 160 recipes for soups, stews, pasta, casseroles, and breakfast and snack ideas. Tips for drying food in a dehydrator or oven.

    Publisher : Stackpole Books
    published : 2002
  • Let mobile devices transform teaching and learning Don?t just know how to use mobile technology. Know how to use it to transform learning. This refreshingly easy-to-use workbook shows educators how to make mobile devices a natural part of their classrooms by optimizing technology, no matter what the content. Discover: practical mobile...

    Publisher : SAGE Publications
    published : 2015
  • Discover how to transform learning using mobile technology with this easy-to-use workbook that shows how to make it a natural part of every lesson.

    Publisher : SAGE Publications
    published : 2015
  • If you've ever wanted to backpack in Europe... If you want to relive your adventures... If you love good travel writing... Better than guidebooks, these first-person accounts paint vivid pictures of a traveler's experience in Europe. Like familiar music and favorite scents, they'll awaken a taste for adventure in those who have yet to travel, and...

    Publisher : Pearson Venture Group
    published : 2010
  • A guide for navigating the teen years, Buddha in Your Backpack is for young people who want to learn more about Buddhism or for those who simply want to understand what?s going on inside themselves and in the world around them. Buddha in Your Backpack tells Buddha?s life story in a fashion teens will relate to, describing Buddha as a young rebel...

    Publisher : Ulysses Press
    published : 2002
  • Academy Award?winning actress and New York Times bestselling author Julianne Moore brings us more adventures from Freckleface Strawberry! Freckleface and her best friend, Windy Pants Patrick, each have something secret in their backpacks: sticky, gooey gum and a squished, messy donut. When it comes time to pull their homework from their backpacks...

    Publisher : Random House Children's Books
    published : 2015
  • High in the Pyrenees, a full day's hike from any trappings of civilisation, is no place for a human to be - unless you are searching for the time of your life. This is the roof of a mountain range that stretches from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coasts, and provides some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscape to be found in Europe. It...

    Publisher : Ebury Publishing
    published : 2012
  • This book presents a comprehensive look at musical theater participation across varied contexts. It is based on a decade of research including observations, interviews, document analysis, and video reflections. From Backpacks to Broadway examines experiences across a diverse group of over 70 children across ages, socio-economic contexts, race,...

    Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
    published : 2016
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