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Un Hombre Enamorado Karl Ove Knausgard

  • ?Although known for his mysteries, Elmore Leonard has penned some of the best western fiction ever.? ? USA Today ?A classic?.Leonard?s writing style is as effortless and enjoyable as watching a good movie.? ? Portland Oregonian Grand Master Elmore Leonard is justifiably acknowledged as ?the best writer of crime fiction alive? ( Newsweek )?and,...

    Publisher : HarperCollins
    published : 2009
  • One of the most outspoken critics of the modern dressage world reveals some disturbing facts about the physical, anatomical, and mental effects through official dressage guidelines as issued by the German Horse Society (FN) on horses. By comparing these with philosophies of masters of classical riding such as La Gueriniere and Baucher, he shows possible...

    Publisher : Cadmos Publishing
    published : 2008
  • DEADLY REUNION CIA agent Shaun Carter is on the trail of an international crime ring, and the sudden appearance of a woman from his past could jeopardize his mission. Missing persons investigator Lexie Reilly's search for a missing teen has put her in the criminals' crosshairs. Joining forces to take down this ring is their only chance of survival....

    Publisher : Harlequin
    published : 2015
  • THE BODYGUARD  For professor Ginny Anderson, translating a set of ancient tablets could be the coup of her careeror more danger than she can handle. Someone doesn't want the secrets of the artifacts to be revealedand they'll kill to bury her discoveries. But former Secret Service agent Colin Tapping refuses to let anybody hurt Ginny and appoints...

    Publisher : Harlequin
    published : 2016
  • REUNION ON THE RUN  When her apartment is besieged by masked gunmen, Yasmine Browder's convinced it's tied to her investigation into her brother's "accidental" death three weeks ago. Narrowly escaping, she flags down the car of a passerby she thought she'd never see againher childhood crush. Unlike the local police, newly minted FBI agent Noel Black...

    Publisher : Harlequin
    published : 2017
  • Coming soon! Silent Night Threat by Michelle Karl will be available Nov 1, 2017.

    Publisher : Harlequin
    published : 2017
  • Though the relationship of modernist writers and artists to mass-marketplaces and popular cultural forms is often understood as one of ambivalence if not antagonism, Modernism and the Marketplace redirects this established line of inquiry, considering the practical and conceptual interfaces between literary practice and dominant economic institutions...

    Publisher : Taylor and Francis
    published : 2013
  • An Introduction to Digital Signal Processing is written for those who need to understand and use digital signal processing and yet do not wish to wade through a multi-semester course sequence. Using only calculus-level mathematics, this book progresses rapidly through the fundamentals to advanced topics such as iterative least squares design of...

    Publisher : Elsevier Science
    published : 2012
  • Forgotten Peace examines Colombian society?s attempt to move beyond the Western Hemisphere?s worst mid-century conflict and shows how that effort molded notions of belonging and understandings of the past. Robert A. Karl reconstructs encounters between government officials, rural peoples, provincial elites, and urban intellectuals during a crucial...

    Publisher : University of California Press
    published : 2017
  • Cuando un hombre sigue los principios de la hombría bíblica, todos a su alrededor se benefician de su cuidado y de su liderazgo. Un hombre del reino desafía e equipa a los hombres a entender completamente su posición bajo la autoridad de Dios así como también su posición sobre lo que Dios le ha dado. La definición...

    Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
    published : 2013